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ALL Student Loan, a California nonprofit organization, is dedicated to providing resources and programs for students and families so they can succeed in education beyond high school.

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ALL Student Loan
As not-for-profit entities, the ALL Student Loan family of companies (“ALL”) have been leaders in the student loan industry since 1980. For the past 31 years, ALL has provided a wide range of services for both government and private student loans. These services include loan originations, loan servicing, customer service, customer outreach, financial literacy, default prevention, and loan portfolio management and reporting. ALL continues to develop and enhance programs that promote our nonprofit mission to serve students and their families, as well as the post-secondary institutions of California and beyond.

We have developed programs to help students succeed in education beyond high school. Each program emphasizes the skills that are required for success at various stages of the student’s life and provide assistance when they need it most. For example, ALL’s charitable activities have focused on the Career & College ClubsSM (“CCC”) program. The CCC was developed by ALL to help middle school students plan for and assume responsibility for their future success. In just three years, more than 100 middle schools and nonprofit organizations have adopted the CCC program, reaching more than 25,000 students.

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